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The 1906 San Francisco Quake, Virtually

Next Tuesday April 18 will be the 100th anniversary of the 1906 San Francisco Earthquake, whose virtual centennial commemoration allows anyone anywhere to relive its overwhelming impact by sight and sound. Watch a video of the devastating earthquake and fire on Sf_quake_dante_monaco200 National Public Radio's website and read first-hand accounts. Follow the interactive map and slide show on the San Francisco Chronicle's special online edition (which, of course, also delivers a special feature on earthquake cuisine). You can even spend an evening viewing seven films from the Library of Congress and see a computer-created video of the tremblor's progression along the San Andreas Fault. Not only is all this compelling for history buffs and locals, it will give you greater appreciation of how the City by the Bay has rejuvenated itself to its rich and varied world city in such a short period of time. Chinatown, the foundation of Chinese America, totally reinvented itself -- and the Golden Gate Bridge wasn't even built yet.