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Chocoholics by the Bay

Keep me in chocolate, and I'll love the San Francisco Bay Area forever. In fact, California is one of the nation's largest chocolate manufacturers. I was presented with Ghiradelli hot chocolate during the winter, and the lines are now forming at See's Candies for Easter. The other day I tripped over the boutique of J0341561 Berkeley's famous dark chocolate Scharffen Berger factory in the renovated Ferry Building Marketplace in San Francisco and always am smitten by the reappearance of delicately designed delectables from Chocolat in San Anselmo (540 San Anselmo Ave. 415.454.2525) on important occasions. For generations locals have trekked to a North Beach address for the hand-painted hollow chocolate Easter eggs filled with small treats at Victoria Pastry Company (1362 Stockton St., 415.781.2015). And nearby, XOX handmade truffles delivers more handmade chocolates in the Italian neighborhood, where traditional culinary craftsmanship abounds. This is just a start -- San Francisco is a city of chocolate confectioners.

I wouldn't be true to our habit if I didn't mention this delightful French chocolate blog that entertains me -- especially when my chocolate stash has gone dry.